Our Story

Zach in Japan sword fighting at a Buddhist temple in Japan

 Japan Direct was established in 2022 by Zachary Taylor, a self-proclaimed Pokemon Master. The company stands as a testament to a lifelong passion and entrepreneurial spirit. From only ten years of age, Zach was already honing his business skills by engaging in the world of e-commerce, specifically on eBay, thanks to the encouragement and support of his father. 

Upon graduating from Sam Houston State University in 2014 in the top 10% of Business students, armed with a distinguished double major degree in Economics and International Business with a Mathematics minor, Zach made a choice that defied convention and was the target of criticism by his friends and family. Rather than pursuing conventional employment in his field of expertise, he embraced his talent for identifying and procuring valuable and quality product. His primary focus became the realm of vintage Pokémon cards, which had always captivated his heart. Buying and selling collectibles, mainly vintage Pokemon cards, became his main source of income for some time. 

With an enduring love for the Japanese versions of the Pokémon Trading Cards since childhood, Zach had meticulously cultivated an impressive collection over the years. That fascination with the Japanese cards eventually led him to start studying the Japanese language and becoming quite proficient in his language skills.

It was in 2016 that the stars aligned, granting him official permission from the Japanese government to relocate to the very heartland of his passion, Japan itself. Driven by an unwavering desire to immerse himself in the source of his inspiration, Zach embarked on his big journey to Japan.

Having an insatiable thirst for knowledge and after experiencing life in Japan for five years, Zach further expanded his skill set by delving into the realm of web development in 2021 and supplemented his knowledge by completing a semester of Computer Science online, offered through Lone Star College in Texas. With his newly developed skills in Web Development, Zach reached a pivotal milestone in the evolution of his anime merchandise ventures.

In a defining moment, Zach unveiled the crowning achievement of his journey: the official storefront of Japan Direct, JapanDirect.Org. The online platform will serve as the realization of his vision, seamlessly bridging the gap between Japanese collectibles and eager enthusiasts from around the world. With its user-friendly interface, impressive product catalog, and commitment to exceptional customer service, JapanDirect.Org will surely become a beacon for all who seek coveted treasures from the Land of the Rising Sun.